Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bad sportsmanship by Hamels and Lackey

What is with this bad sportsmanship by starting pitchers? Cole Hamels of the Phillies and John Lackey of the Angels threw mini-tantrums in big postseason games: Hamels when his fielders failed to turn a double play and Lackey after Erick Aybar and Chone Figgins missed a popup last night. I understand Lackey's frustration as that ball should be caught, but that's no excuse for that kind of behavior. He wouldn't like it if his players starting throwing up their arms every time he gave up a home run. Hamels' outburst was even less tolerable, given that physical errors are just a part of the game.

The best pitchers and the best teammates pick up their fielders by pitching out of error-induced jams and patting them on the back when they get back to the dugout. Hamels and Lackey both showed a despicable lack of good sportsmanship, something that their managers should address immediately.

Thanks to Blevine37 via Wikipedia for the Hamels photo and SD Dirk for the Lackey photo.

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