Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keep talking Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins is known as a guy who's not afraid to voice an opinion. And he's been right a lot of times. Rollins is now predicting that his Phillies will close out the World Series at home in five games (or six games, if he's being nice and predicting the Yankees will put up a decent fight). But Rollins is confusing the Yankees with the other New York team. He was right in 2007 when he predicted the Phillies would overtake the Mets for the division title. But the Yankees won't be that easy.

The Yanks aren't going to lie down for the Phillies, especially not with their bulldog CC Sabathia and the the top winning pitcher in postseason history in Andy Pettitte. Not with the best closer in baseball history in Mariano Rivera. Not with the toughest shortstop in baseball in Derek Jeter (yes, that includes you, Jimmy).

Rollins could be trying to motivate his team, which I have absolutely no problem with. But boy is he setting himself up for some trouble if his team doesn't come through. NY fans will be riding him for the rest of his life. For the most part, the Yanks seemed to have blown off his comments, except for Jorge Posada, who might have been more irritated at having to answer questions about his comments than about Rollins actually saying it. But the Yanks will privately use that as motivation, not that they need any more motivation to win the World Series.

I don't believe either team is going to win in 5 games because they are pretty evenly balanced. I'm predicting the Yanks will eventually win in 6 or 7 games, with superior starting performances and Mo being the difference-maker. Of course, my opinion doesn't count as much as Rollins, but if Philly fans want to use it as motivation, so be it!

By the way, these bets between politicians are just plain silly. The Pennsylvania senators will send Philly cheesesteaks to the Empire state if the Yankees win while the NY senators will send NY cheesecakes to the Keystone state if the Phillies win. Not exactly a Weight Watchers-friendly bet.

Thanks to Googie man via Wikipedia for the photo.

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