Friday, October 9, 2009

Enjoy your pie Mark Teixeira

Tex finally got his well-deserved pie in the face after ending an unbelievable game with a game-winning, just barely out home run. He and Jeter have driven the offense all year long, but neither one has had any of the walk-off hits the Yanks are famous for this year. With one swing of the bat, Tex got his walk-off in the biggest game of the year. I guess Jeter's next!

"AJ said 'I finally got you,'" Tex said in the postgame interview. "If I'm going to get one, I'm glad it was in the postseason."

ARod continued his playoff renaissance, with a massive 2-run, game-tying home run against Twins closer Joe Nathan and another clutch hit to drive in Jeter earlier in the game. I think it's safe to say he's erased his playoff demons (as predicted by yours truly!).

There will be a lot of talk about the bad call on Mauer's opposite-field drive. No doubt, the ump blew the call. But the Twins still had the bases loaded with no outs and they could not get a run in. They stranded 17 runners on base. They can't blame the umps for that.

Molina catching AJ instead of Jorge Posada turned out to be anticlimactic. AJ pitched well with Molina as his backstop, giving up only one run in 6 solid innings (setting aside all the walks). As soon as AJ was coming out of the game, Posada pitch hit and caught a couple of innings. Steve Politi made a good point in his article today about Posada, noting that BoSox catcher Jason Varitek is sitting the postseason out due to his inability to throw out stealing baserunners. Even if Molina catches AJ's starts the rest of the playoffs, Posada won't be sitting out a full game unless AJ goes the distance, which is unlikely with all the pitches he throws.

My heart is still pounding after this thrilling night! Can't wait for Sunday!

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