Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good news Yankee fans

Individual game tickets for the first two rounds of the baseball playoffs go on sale Monday, with 60 more field-level seats and 200 more standing room places. Seats are not as pricey as you would think at $81 for the first round and $131 for the ALCS. And the Yanks are also planning to lower ticket prices next year, a smart move considering the double-digit attendance drop despite the new stadium. It was embarrassing to see all the empty seats behind home plate every day. I wonder if the price drop will make them more affordable for some people—they’re definitely still not affordable for me.

Aside from the price changes, I would also like to see the Yanks be more open about obstructed view seats. I paid $100 for a seat to a Yankees-Mets game and was livid because I could not see home plate from where I was sitting. And every time me and my fellow seatmates in the rows around me (yes several rows of seats had this obstructed view) stood up to view a play, a Yankee employee would tell us we had to sit down, which almost led to a fight with a nearby fan angry over the lack of a view of home plate. Really, $100 for a seat where you can’t see home plate? Come on, Yankees! What were you thinking?

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