Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ken Davidoff absolutely right about yankees

Ken Davidoff is right on about why the Yankees will win the American League Championship Series in 7 games. I think he makes some great points about Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, home-field advantage and the depth of the Yankees bench. He also rightly points out that the Yanks have historically done better with a Democrat in the White House. He also could have mentioned the fact that Hillary Clinton is no longer the junior Senator from NY. My friend Scott (die-hard Mets fan) used to talk about the "Curse of Hillary" as the Yanks hadn't won the World Series during her Senate career.

I do think Davidoff glossed over some of the reasons why the Angels will be a tough opponent for the Yankees. Their running game is going to give the Yankees' pitching staff fits. With the exception of Andy Pettitte, none of the starters is great at keeping runners on base. Having Jose Molina catch AJ Burnett will help a little, but AJ tends to walk a lot of runners so the bases should be full of Angels.

The Angels also have the better manager in Mike Scioscia. He has a lot more experience, including managing his team to a World Series win, than Joe Girardi. I bet Angels fans don't worry about their manager blowing out their bullpen. The Yankee bullpen, despite Phil Hughes' struggles in the American League Division Series, should be a strength if bullpen moves are properly managed. In contrast, the Angels are really missing K-Rod.

That being said, I still believe the Yankees will win what should be an awesome series. I think they have the stronger lineup and bullpen and their starting pitching matches up pretty well. Yanks in seven, baby!

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