Sunday, October 4, 2009

Core 4

Yankee fans should tune in to the Yes Network to watch the first-ever interview with the four members of the old-guard (Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte).

Although Kim Jones mostly threw the guys softball questions, it was intriguing to watch the interaction between the four old pals. They’re such good friends that they can tease each other mercilessly. Andy got the worst of it when the guys teased him about a near fainting spell earlier this year and for leaving for Houston for three years. Or as Posada put it: “Andy ruined it for us. He didn’t want to play with us.”

It is amazing in baseball these days to have four teammates play together for so long. It won’t happen again, especially in New York, with the win-now mantra.

Jeter objected to being included in the “old-guard,” although he playfully said it applied to the other three. And he also chided Jones when she said winning a title this year would be a nice bookend to their careers.

Mo talked about how being old is not necessarily a bad thing: “Old means wiser. I think I’m wiser.” No doubt, Mo!

Andy said they don’t need to win a title to validate their careers, but that they all want it very badly. Mo said he is determined to win a 5th ring, which would complete the circle.

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