Saturday, October 10, 2009

Twins in trouble with Carl Pavano on the mound

If Carl Pavano is really all that stands between the Yanks and the ALCS, I love their chances against the Twinkies tomorrow night. Brian Cashman can defend Pavano all he wants (and he has to since he brought him in), but the truth is Pavano is soft. I do believe that his injuries were genuine, but he could have played a lot more than he did at at time when the Yanks were hurting for starting pitching.

Pavano looked particularly bad playing on the same team as Derek Jeter, who flew headfirst into the seats to catch a ball not once but twice and still played on as if nothing happened. Even now, when Jeter is questioned about injuries, he always says he's fine, even though everyone knows better. I remember watching a game last year when Reggie Jackson was talking with the ESPN team and was telling them how Jeter's numbers were down because he played hurt all year and refused to sit out.

I always thought Pavano could have bucked up and insisted on pitching more than he did. I'm generally not a fan who loves to boo former Yankee players, but for Pavano I'll make an exception.

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