Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rain, rain go away!

Come back, well, in mid-November after the World Series! I know, not going to happen. I've been at too many rain delayed and postponed games this year, but we can always hope.

Latest weather report says heavy rain will start around 10pm so hopefully the Yanks will get at least half the game in tonight. Per Bud Selig's new official rules (he did it on his own during the World Series last year), there are no rain-shortened games in the postseason. So if tonight's game started and rain forced a postponement, play would resume on Sunday from the exact point the game was halted.

But that leads to a host of problems, namely that you lose both starting pitchers, creating a situation where Andy Pettitte and Joe Saunders could be replaced in Sunday's continued Game 6 by CC Sabathia and Jered Weaver. The Yanks don't want to see that scenario, especially if they only manage to get 3 or 4 innings in tonight. Because then you have to use Sabathia to finish Game 6 and that would make it a must-win for the Yanks because a loss means AJ Burnett in Game 7, probably against John Lackey again. That would be a nightmare. I would not trust the biggest game of the year to AJ Burnett.

Please rain go away!

BTW, this whole notion that Andy could be skipped over in favor of CC if tonight's game is rained out is just silly. First of all, Andy's tied for the most wins in postseason all-time. Second, if CC were to pitch Game 6 and lose, Andy would have to come back in Game 7 anyway.

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