Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yankee fans ready 4 Pedro Martinez

Pedro Martinez is one of the top baseball villians in NY Yankee history. He is hated by Yankee fans for a lot good reasons: constantly hitting Yankee hitters, throwing Don Zimmer down to the ground, ridiculing the Bambino. To top it off, he actually went and signed with the Mets after leaving the Red Sox, playing for the Yanks' two hated rivals. It's like he was asking Yankee fans to hate him worse than we already did.
His arrogance is the thing I dislike most about him. During a pre-game press conference today, he called himself one of the most influential people to enter Yankee Stadium. That's amazing to me considering that he could never beat the Yanks when it counts. But Pedro is right about one thing: he's still the center of attention, even overshadowing the Cy Young matchup of CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee.
Yankee fans will be all over him with the "who's your daddy?" chants when he pitches Game 2 of the World Series tomorrow night. But Martinez said that actually motivates him and reminds him that God is his daddy.
Martinez did have a legitimate point about the New York media, which often feels the need to stir things up and blow things way out of proportion. Come on Posties, did you really have to put
Shane Victorino in a cheerleading outfit? Just silly.
But a lot of the criticism of Martinez is legitimate, including the fact that as great as he was against most teams in his prime, he never seemed to match that against the Yanks. I think the same is going to be true tomorrow. Despite his great performance against the Dodgers and Pedro's love for the spotlight, the Yankee offense is going to spank him. And Yankee fans will be ready for the guy they love to hate the most.
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