Saturday, October 17, 2009

CC Sabathia tosses a Yankees classic

All I can say about CC Sabathia after Game 1: Wow!!! He was so incredibly dominating last night, which is somewhat surprising given his previous struggles against the Angels. But the Halos had no chance last night. He threw hard and his control was impeccable. It reminded me of one of those great pitching performances we used to see out of the Yankees starters during the 1990s dynasty. Wonder how long before it becomes a YES network Yankee Classic!

It was really great to see Johnny Damon get back in the swing of things with a couple of hits and a nice sliding catch. I was worried about his hitting after the division series because he looked so terrible, but last night he looked pretty solid, particularly on the double. It's important that he and Nick Swisher get back into a hitting groove as Joe Girardi doesn't have many options with Eric Hinske not on the roster for the American League Championship Series.

Despite how overpowering CC was last night, I was a little surprised that Girardi let him go 8 innings, given his desire to use him for 3 ALCS starts (weather permitting, of course!). But can't blame him for wanting to use CC to get the ball to Mo, particularly given how Phil Hughes struggled in the ALDS. When you have a Game 1 victory in your sights, you do whatever you have to do to lock it down. And that's just what Girardi did.

I'm completely psyched for tonight, as I have a ticket for Game 2. I'm obviously worried about the weather, but will wear multiple layers and take my poncho or umbrella. Hopefully, the Yankees will give me a lot to cheer about so I can stay warm. =)

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