Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mother Nature sucks!

Because of Mother Nature, the Yankees won't be able to finish off the Angels tonight. Given a nasty thunderstorm quickly approaching the stadium and a clear forecast for tomorrow, Major League Baseball decided to postpone the game, which will start Sunday night just after 8pm. It's the right call.

You would hate to have a situation where you start the game and have to postpone 3 or 4 innings in, wasting both starters. Worse, you don't want to risk the chance of someone getting hurt on a sloppy field.

Joe Girardi was asked in a pre-game conference how he would handle it if the game was started and then postponed after 3 innings. He said he would not start CC Sabathia in a resumed Game 6, that he would try to piece together 6 innings from his bullpen, which is amazing to me given the struggles of the pen outside of Mariano Rivera.

I would have tried to finish off the Angels by putting CC in, if not for the rest of the game, then at least to get the ball to Mo. You're going to have pitch CC anyway, why wait until Game 7 when you can try to crush the Angels in Game 6? Maybe Girardi would be as nervous starting AJ Burnett in a Game 7 as I would be so he's saving CC for that, but it's a moot point if you can close out the Angels in Game 6.

But no matter. Now Andy Pettitte and Joe Saunders will start in Game 6 tomorrow night. Pettitte said it was frustrating to have to wait another day after a long day today. But Pettitte's numbers with an extra day's rest are great this year: 6-1 with a 3.63 ERA with a higher-than-normal walk total, although that doesn't seem to have affected his performance. Pettitte is such a tough guy, the MLB Network just showed a live shot at the stadium of him playing toss in pouring rain.

Yankee fans just have to be patient for one more day. Pettitte will clinch it tomorrow night. At least we have a couple of good football games tomorrow afternoon to distract us until then.
Thanks to Axel Rouvin via Wikipedia for the photo.

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