Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hope Erin Andrews nightmare is finally over

I felt incredible relief at the news of the arrest of the man who stalked ESPN journalist Erin Andrews and placed videos of her on the Internet. As a female journalist who often travels for work, I was shocked and appalled, not only by the gross violation of her privacy, but at the reaction by the paparazzi and other members of the media and blogosphere, where there were insinuations that Andrews concocted the entire incident for publicity purposes.

I can sympathize with Andrews because I know how hard it is to be a female journalist covering a male-dominated industry. All you’re focused on is trying to do your job the best way you can. Yet, you have to deal with problems your male co-workers never worry about, including being propositioned by sources. I once had to change beats after a key official in an industry I was covering hit on me and I turned him down. Unfair to say the least, but I knew it was the only choice as this person was in a position to really interfere with my work. And I’m incredibly grateful that I didn’t have to go through the public spectacle that Andrews had to deal with.

I know that the arrest of this man will generate renewed interest from the media in the story, but I hope that dies down quickly and she can really concentrate on doing her job covering college football for ESPN. I also hope that can finally regain the peace that existed in her life before this terrible incident. She deserves to be left alone to heal.
Thanks to Drew Shealy for the photo.

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