Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gotta go to Mo Rivera: he's the best!

More recognition of Mariano Rivera's greatness (like more was needed--everyone knows he's the best!) came today when Major League Baseball announced he won the Delivery Man of the Year award as the league's best relief pitcher, the third time in five years he won the award. He beat out Joe Nathan, who ARod smacked around the other day.

It is truly amazing when you think about Rivera and how he has managed to dominate for more than a decade. It always shocks me when he gives up a lead (like the game against Seattle when Ichiro hit that home run, I was falling asleep as soon as I saw Mo coming in because I thought the game was over right then).

Funny thing about Rivera, apparently he was sick last week during the American League Division Series. Couldn't tell from the way he pitched, going 3.2 innings and closing out the series for the Yanks.

Great omen for the Yankees: When Papelbum won the award in 2007, the Saux won the World Series. When Brad Lidge won the award in 2008, his Phillies won the World Series. Guess that means the Yanks are winning it all this year!

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