Monday, October 5, 2009

My Sports Sunday

I enjoyed my Sunday afternoon before what will be a busy, chaotic week as I head to Wisconsin for a conference. I’m bummed about missing the first two playoff games at home =( although I will find a place to watch those games. Sunday morning was the time to run all necessary errands (food shopping, trip to the pharmacy, etc) while laundry and picking up dry cleaning were the night chores. But my Sunday afternoons are always reserved for sports. I don’t get completely into football until the baseball season is over, but I do like to watch some of the football games so I was flipping back and forth to the Giants game during commercials on Yes (I’ve seen all the commercials so many times that they’re practically memorized so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything). Great to see the Giants play so well, but the Eli injury is a concern. Can’t worry about that right now as the Yanks have my full attention in the playoffs, but I hope it’s not something that lingers.

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