Thursday, May 6, 2010

Andrews stands up for women vs Hasselbeck

There is a reason why Elisabeth Hasselbeck was in tears when apologizing to Erin Andrews for her disturbing remarks about Andrews' wardrobe on Dancing with the Stars. What she said was so hurtful, so damaging to all women, that even Hasselbeck, a television star because of her strong opinions, realized the pain she caused with her careless comments.

At least Hasselbeck had the good sense to quickly apologize. But I'm really distressed that a woman would even say such terrible things about another woman who suffered such a horrible violation. Rather than support Andrews, Hasselbeck chose to further humiliate her and even imply that she deserved what she got. It's a perception that victims of sexual predators have constantly had to battle and here is a woman justifying that kind of thinking.

I applaud Andrews for having the courage to perform on such a high-profile show after she was publicly humiliated through no fault of her own. It's part of her healing process and bravo to her for having the strength to do it. And I’m really glad that she pointed out how Hasselbeck's comments hurt not just her, but other victims of her stalker and all victims of such crimes.

The View is supposed to be a show about women for women. That something this destructive and damaging could be said by one of its female hosts is simply mind-boggling. Hopefully, Hasselbeck has learned her lesson and thinks long and hard before she goes after another woman. We already have enough battles and enemies to overcome without turning on each other.

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