Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gamer Andy Pettitte needs a rest

Andy Pettitte is such a gamer that he tried to stay in yesterday's game, even though his arm didn't feel too good. Pettitte, who has pitched brilliantly en route to a 4-0 start, is famously tough on himself and was disappointed that he was unable to go further into the game. And he was right to be concerned, with the New York Yankees struggling bullpen almost coughing up his lead.

"I had to drag it out of him," manager Joe Girardi said of his veteran lefty. "He wanted to stay in the game."

A MRI later showed that Pettitte has inflammation in his elbow and will likely skip his next turn in the rotation. For the Yankees, the best case scenario is that the 37-year-old lefty just needs a little rest and will miss only one start. But Pettitte has a history of elbow problems so this is a major concern, especially since dazzling pitching by four of the Yankees starters is mostly responsible for their strong start to the season.

"He's not 25," Girardi said. "There are a lot of innings there."

Pettitte is tough and is always going to try to power through games even when he doesn't feel 100% or doesn't have his best stuff. Girardi will have to guard against Pettitte trying to will himself back into the rotation too soon.

BTW, I don't believe in the Sports Illustrated jinx, but if Derek Jeter comes up lame this weekend after the Core Four appeared on the cover last week, I'm canceling my subscription, just in case.

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