Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mets fan on the Supreme Court, say it ain't so!

As a woman, I’m beyond thrilled that President Barack Obama is making a real effort to have the Supreme Court more accurately reflect the gender diversity of the United States of America. Of course, even with three women on the bench we would still be short, but things are headed in the right direction.

But the most distressing characteristic of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is that she is a New York Mets fan. Why anyone would appoint a fan of such a dysfunctional team to the court is beyond me. I'm not in favor of giving a lifetime appointment to anyone remotely associated with the Mets (and I think a lot of Mets fans would agree with me on that one). But I guess I will have to live with Kagan since New York Yankees fan Sonia Sotomayor got on the bench last year.

Personally, I do think we should stack the court with as many baseball fans as possible. With the potential for more labor unrest in the future, fans will need all the help we can get.

Thanks to Harvard Law Record via Wikipedia for the photo.

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