Friday, May 28, 2010

Yankees plan for Hughes Rules seems wise

While it's not official yet, the preliminary plan the New York Yankees want to set in motion to protect Phil Hughes seems wise.

Determined to avoid a repeat of the infamous Joba Rules that completely messed up a dominant Joba Chamberlain last year, the Yankees have seemingly settled on a much different approach for Hughes. Instead of waiting until the end of the season to limit his innings, they will strategically use off days in June and a four-day All-Star break in July to give him extra days rest in between starts.

It sounds like a good plan. Hughes was on a roll to begin the season, but I think he could use a little extra rest now and time to work out whatever kinks have developed in his arsenal. And giving him the extra rest in the middle of the season rather than in August and September allows the Yankees to adjust the rules if they create problems for Hughes the way they did with Joba. Also, it gives Hughes plenty of time to get back to his normal routine ahead of the start of the baseball playoffs.

It sounds like the Yankees learned their lesson with Joba. Let’s see if they do better with the Hughes Rules. Hughes looks like a star and I'm really hoping they don't do anything to mess him up.

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