Friday, May 21, 2010

Yanks will have to battle to beat Mets

After an embarrassing spanking at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays, the dysfunctional Mets could be the perfect tonic for the New York Yankees. But it won't be the walk in the park that people may think.

The Yanks seem to be catching the Mets at the right time. Rather than playing their cross-town rivals in the midst of the 9-1 home stand that had people talking about a resurgence in Queens, they are heading to Citi Field with the Mets players mad at their manager Jerry Manuel and maybe even each other.

In Manuel’s defense, he was right to protect his pitcher, even from himself, and John Maine was way out of line to publicly criticize his manager. It just adds more fuel to those clamoring for Manuel’ head, which is completely unfair because the Mets shoddy play isn’t his fault. He can only rely on 40% of his starting rotation for good outings, his big studs David Wright and Jose Reyes have not played well for most of the season and big free agent Jason Bay has been less than impressive. The Mets best player is Ike Davis, a kid they called up to the big leagues a month ago who is already batting cleanup. How could anyone win games consistently with a team like that?

There’s no question that the Yankees are a much better team than the Mets, mostly due to a superior starting rotation. But the Mets are throwing their two best guys this weekend. I will be at the games tomorrow and Sunday and am looking forward to great pitching duels between Phil Hughes and Mike Pelfrey on Saturday and CC Sabathia and Johan Santana in the finale. The Yanks don’t generally do well on national TV games, but I expect Hughes and Sabathia to step up this weekend. Back in the National League, Javier Vazquez has a solid chance to build on his last two promising outings. I’m hoping for a sweep, but it will be close.

Thanks to Wknight94 via Wikipedia for the photo.

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