Saturday, May 1, 2010

Derek Jeter consistently clutch

Derek Jeter defied the odds last year, proving that a team could win the World Series with a 35-year old shortstop. Now he's out to prove that a team can win with a 36-year old shortstop.

It has become an annual rite of passage for haters to assert that Jeter is finally going to slow down a step and for Jeter to prove them wrong beyond any reasonable doubt. This year is no exception. The Yankee Captain is hitting .330 with four homers, 18 ribbies and 14 runs with three stolen bases. His strong first month would be getting a lot more attention if it wasn't for the awe-inspiring exploits of Robinson Cano and the fact that Jeter is remarkably consistent ever year.

Most importantly, Jeter remains reliably clutch. The New York Yankees were in a 3-0 hole before Jeter came to bat in the first inning, promptly singling and scoring the team's first run. He then tied the game with a home run in the fifth inning and tripled in two more in the seventh for the victory. Jeter's ability to come through in the most challenging situations is a key reason for New York's undying love and affection for the Yankees shortstop.

With his three hits last night, Jeter became the active hits leader in baseball, passing Ken Griffey Jr. who broke into the big leagues six years before the captain. It's a remarkable testament to Jeter's consistency.

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