Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baseball's PED problem rears its ugly head again

Baseball's problems with the use of performance-enhancing drugs just won't go away.

Every time it appears that baseball has moved on from the PED controversy, it rears its ugly head again. Canadian doctor Tony Galea has officially been accused of providing illegal drugs to several athletes and lying to federal investigators, upgrading this situation from a mere annoyance for Major League Baseball to a legal dispute with potential ramifications for several high-profile players.

As usual, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees was thrust right in the middle of the PED spotlight. Of course, he has some company as Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran of the Mets have both admitted to being treated by the doctor although they said they did not receive human growth hormone or other illegal drugs from Galea.

But ARod is the biggest name in this story and it's not clear what he would say if he was forced to testify about his interactions with Galea. He had little to say about the most recent developments, but this is just more proof that his steroids use will haunt ARod for the rest of his career, just like PED use in baseball will forever tarnish Bud Selig’s legacy.

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