Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strawberry should stay out of ARod-Braden feud

Darryl Strawberry is now the latest former New York Yankees player to weigh in on Alex Rodriguez's feud with Dallas Braden and it's not pretty. He really should have stayed out of it.

Ironically, I just picked up Strawberry's recent biography this weekend (I went in looking for Steinbrenner: the Last Lion in Baseball, but was a too early). I've only gotten through the first two chapters of Strawberry's book, but so far it's a compelling read. His history of childhood abuse at the hands of his father is something that I can unfortunately relate to and I'm eager to read the rest of the book.

But I don't want to hear him defending ARod. First, I'm sick and tired of these former players (yes, I mean you Reggie Jackson) extending this drama. After pitching his perfect game, Braden was entitled to have the last word on the matter (and he seems to be having fun with it, doing David Letterman's top 10 list this week). Yet, here comes the former Yankees and Mets outfielder sticking his nose into a fight he has no right to get involved in.

Second, to answer Strawberry's question about how they could dog someone who's going to the Baseball Hall of Fame: simple, ARod doesn't deserve to be in the Hall. I don't care how many home runs he eventually hits. ARod has damaged this game by using steroids. All those homers he hit in Texas while admittedly juiced shouldn't even count. Yet, Braden is the one catching most of the flak in this dispute and it's ridiculous.

Third, Strawberry himself has no business talking about supposed mistakes made by other people considering all the pain he caused his family and his teammates with his out-of-control drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, Strawberry has no business opining on the unwritten rules of the game since I’m pretty sure missing games and showing up late because you’re too hung over to play is one of them.

Fourth, for Strawberry to belittle Braden's perfect game is just despicable. It was only the 19th perfecto in Major League Baseball history so it was historic. Strawberry had plenty of chances to do something that magnificent in the big leagues, but blew them all.

Strawberry really should mind his business. Nobody wants to hear him defending ARod.
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