Monday, May 10, 2010

Johnny Damon thriving with Detroit Tigers

After a contentious divorce from the New York Yankees, Johnny Damon has found a home with the Detroit Tigers. He loves Motown and Motown loves him back.

Although his home run numbers are down after last season's power surge in the new Yankee Stadium, Damon is as usual scoring a lot of runs (24 already) and hitting .294 with 14 ribbies. More importantly, he has become a leader on that ballclub, as he was a leader with both the Boston Red Sox and the Bronx Bombers, the kind of leader the Tigers desperately needed. Think Detroit couldn't have used a guy like Damon in that one-game playoff against the Minnesota Twins last year?

As much as he is thriving in Motown, Damon still has a lot of affection for his former New York teammates and is looking forward to hosting them this week in his new home city. The feeling is mutual, with Yankees like Nick Swisher looking forward to seeing their ex-teammate, exchanging pleasantries and memories, and then beating him and his new team on the baseball field.

It is amazing to think about how Damon is thriving in his new environment, Hideki Matsui is as beloved in Los Angeles as he was in New York for his ability to come through in the clutch, but both Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson, the young guns hired to replace them, are on the disabled list with their returns uncertain. So much for the youth movement.

Thanks to OneTwo1 via en.Wikipedia for the photo.

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