Saturday, May 29, 2010

Teix gives Hughes a big assist with glove

No matter how much he struggles offensively, Mark Teixeira can take comfort that he always contributes to New York Yankees victories with his glove, as he did last night.

The first baseman's defense was so awe-inspiring that he got a major shout-out from his starting pitcher Phil Hughes, who rebounded from a couple of rough starts to stifle the Cleveland Indians. Pitchers don't often publicly thank their fielders for their help, but Hughes recognized he got a major assist from Teix and rightly gave his first baseman a very public slap on the back.

Joe Girardi couldn't even pick out which play he found most impressive, but eventually settled on a fourth-inning grounder that took a weird bounce away from Teix, who somehow changed the direction of his glove and upper body to catch it. He made it look so easy and it was not an easy play.

Teix is starting to come alive on the offensive side too. He's hitting balls solidly and is getting some walks, which is a good sign that he's not just swinging at anything he sees. He looks like he's getting closer to putting his offensive struggles behind him.

Teix won his third Gold Glove last year and he's well on his way to winning his second with the Yankees. Hughes and the rest of his pitching staff will be rooting for him hard because they are getting the benefits of his outstanding defense.

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