Saturday, May 8, 2010

Plenty of fireworks at Fenway Park

There's never a dull moment in the Rivalry between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, no matter how far apart these two teams are in the standings. That lopsided 10-3 score doesn’t do last night’s game at Fenway Park justice. It was like the Fourth of July out there, only with a lot of angry words replacing actual fireworks.

Josh Beckett dominated the Yankees first time through the lineup, but then bizarrely imploded in the middle innings, hitting Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter and almost hitting Nick Swisher and Francisco Cervelli. As mad as the Yankees were that Beckett hit Cano, the main cog in their lineup, the blood really started to boil when their Captain took one in the ribs. Even normally happy-go-lucky ace CC Sabathia jumped on the top step of the dugout to yell unmentionables in Beckett's direction.

While no one thought Beckett was gunning for Cervelli and Jeter with the bases loaded, the irate reaction by the Yankees shows how intense and pressurized the Rivalry can be for the players. For all the talk about how the Rivalry is really generated by the media for the fans, the Yankee players themselves showed a lot of animosity toward the Red Sox, well at least one in particular.

With CC going for the Yankees today, the Red Sox batters better stay loose because one of them is going down for sure. Expect more fireworks, unless Mother Nature intervenes.

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