Thursday, May 13, 2010

No surprise Carl Pavano hated in New York

It's no surprise that Carl Pavano was voted the most hated New York Yankees pitcher of the last 30 years in an unofficial poll by Daily News beat writer Mark Feinsand. The vote wasn't even close, with Pavano getting 89 votes, more than three times the runner-up, surly Kevin Brown.

There's no question there are pitchers on the list that were more unlikable (Randy Johnson, Roger Clemens) than Pavano. But Yankee fans resent the millions wasted on a guy who could never stay on the mound due to a series of perplexing injuries. It wasn't just about his performance. It was more that it seemed like he didn't care or didn't try hard enough to get back on the mound. That's probably unfair, but it was the perception during his Yankee years and continues to dog him to this day.

But time heals all wounds. That's proven by the fact that Ed Whitson, who recently talked about the death threats he endured while pitching for the Yankees, only got one vote for most hated pitcher. Perhaps Pavano has something to look forward to.

Thanks to TheTruthAbout and UCInternational via Wikipedia for the photo.

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