Monday, May 24, 2010

Lifeless Yankees blow Subway Series

This is one of those times when being right really sucks. On Friday, I wrote about how the New York Yankees would have to battle to take the Subway Series from the Mets. I was right, except the Yankees didn't make it much of a battle.

Phil Hughes and CC Sabathia did not live up to their end of the bargain in what should have been two amazing pitching duels. But Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana certainly did and their bullpen gave them key outs when needed.

The Yankee offense mounted another too little, too late rally yesterday, which ended up with a thud when Alex Rodriguez struck out against Francisco "KRod" Rodriguez. ARod and Mark Teixeira left a small army on the bases. The Yankees could survive one of them in the midst of a major slump, but both of them struggling at the same time has become a huge obstacle to winning games.

Aside from paying more than $100 to watch them lose two games, the most frustrating part of the weekend is that the Yankees seemed lifeless. When they got down four runs last night, you felt like the game was over, even though there were seven innings of at bats left for the Yankees. The Bronx Bombers play in the “girls softball league” as my friend Scott, a die-hard Mets and National League fan, refers to the American League so offense shouldn’t be a problem. But it has become a major problem for the Yankees and there’s no solution in sight.

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