Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Rough start won't ruffle Phil Hughes

The New York Yankees haven't been behind in a lot of games this year because their starting pitching, led by Phil Hughes, has been dominant. So on a night when Hughes just didn't have it, it was nice to see the Yankees offense bail him and the bullpen out for once.

Hughes was disappointed in his performance and his inability to hold two five-run leads, which he called embarrassing. While he enjoyed the come-from-behind victory, he said his start was “not fun.” He acknowledged his command and location were way off and led to him getting smacked around by the Red Sox. On the mound, he was obviously frustrated with himself for not being able to get guys out. But the walk-off victory helped ease the pain of his only bad performance of the year.

“You can kind of brush it aside when you end up winning the game,” Hughes said. “Obviously that’s number #1. You can brush it off and get them next time.

I’m not expecting any long-term damage. In the post-game interview, Hughes seemed determined not to let his rough start ruffle him, vowing to do better next time out against the Mets at Citi Field this weekend. I will be at that game and looking forward to Hughes reclaiming his dominance against the Yankees cross-town rivals.

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