Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Yankee thoughts

Proving that you can go home again, Chad Gaudin is reportedly ready to rejoin the New York Yankees. Gaudin was competing for the fifth starter spot that went to Phil Hughes, but was released in spring training. The fact that the Yankees are pursuing a deal with Gaudin could mean that Alfredo Aceves, who had a setback in his recovery this week, could be out for longer than expected.

* Should we start a collection for ARod? Alex Rodriguez was listed as the largest unsecured creditor in bankruptcy documents filed by the Texas Rangers. The team owes him $25 million in deferred payments under his old record-setting contract. Guess he'll have to make do with the $275 million he's getting from the Yankees over his 10-year deal.

* Yankees will pick up today's game with the Minnesota Twins right where they left off yesterday when the rains came. It was a good rule change by Major League Baseball, ensuring that a solid if somewhat uneven effort by AJ Burnett didn’t go to waste.

* I fully support the Yankees decision to ban iPads from the stadium. Nothing annoys me more than when people go to a baseball game and pay absolutely no attention to the game. If you’re not interested in baseball, stay home and save your money.

* Hideki Irabu was arrested for drunken driving in Los Angeles. Sadly, the Yankees are no strangers to DUI incidents. Team executive Mark Newman was arrested in March for drunken driving in Florida. Joba Chamberlain was arrested in 2008 in Nebraska. But the worst incident involves former catcher Jim Leyritz because a woman died when he crashed his car into hers. He just settled a wrongful death lawsuit, but still faces manslaughter charges. The Yankees need to think seriously about how they can address the alcohol abuse in their ranks.

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