Friday, May 28, 2010

Yankees reinforcements on the way

The New York Yankees have reinforcements on the way and not a moment too soon.

On a day when they suffered an ugly loss and missed an opportunity to sweep the Minnesota Twins, the Yankees confirmed that Curtis Granderson is expected to return to the Bronx Bombers tonight after a stay on the disabled list. It's welcome news for the team. Before Kevin Russo came up from the minors to impress with his solid at-bats and outfield play despite being primarily an infielder, Joe Girardi had to live with mediocre defense from Randy Winn and Marcus Thames in left field. If Brian Cashman is willing to own up to a mistake, he will release Winn and let Russo stay in the big leagues.

More importantly, it looks like Jorge Posada might be able to return from a fractured foot sooner than expected. When you hear broken foot, you think of a stay on the disabled list of several months, not weeks. But the Yankees catcher is in prime physical shape for a 38-year-old and seems determined to fulfill a pledge to return from his injury as soon as possible. Francisco Cervelli has done a wonderful job of replacing Posada, bringing enthusiasm, a hot bat and a comfortable catching style to the Yankees. But he has played virtually every day, unusual even for a 24-year-old catcher and will eventually need a break.

With the Yankees getting closer to having their Opening Day lineup back (don't count Nick Johnson because he will be out forever, not necessarily a bad thing since it leaves the designated hitter spot open), the offensive struggles will hopefully soon end.

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