Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jeter not the only pride of Kalamazoo anymore

Derek Jeter won’t be the only Kalamazoo native to hang out with President Barack Obama this year.

Jeter’s alma mater Kalamazoo Central High School just beat out 1,000 high schools for the honor of having the president give their commencement speech on June 10. The school certainly has an impressive resume: more than 80% of the students graduate and those students are rewarded for their hard work with college tuition costs paid by anonymous donors. For a president who has made increasing high school graduation rates a key priority for his administration, Kalamazoo Central is the perfect school to shine a light on.

The New York Yankees Captain recently spent some time with the president when he hosted the baseball team at the White House in honor of its 2009 World Series victory. Jeter was specifically praised by the president for setting a good example and epitomizing the best of the Yankee tradition.

Derek and his sister Sharlee both attended Kalamazoo Central and Derek was inducted into its Hall of Fame in 2007. Jeter is extremely proud of his former school, sending out a statement through his Turn 2 Foundation congratulating all involved for their improbable victory. He is particularly thrilled that his Jeter’s Leaders in Kalamazoo will be there to hear the president speak.

Kalamazoo has another reason to be proud, aside from its most famous former resident. Well done indeed!

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