Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh Yankee offense, where art thou?

Soon Joe Girardi is going to have to send out a search party to find his missing offense.

The inability of the New York Yankees batters to get a hit, particularly with runners in scoring position, is mystifying. Yes, they have injuries, but they also have a healthy Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez in the middle of their lineup. Their futility with runners on base is apparent and frustration is starting to set in, especially with ARod last night. They have a presumably healthy Derek Jeter unable to get things going although if they kept track of hits stolen on awesome plays, Jeter would be #1 with a bullet, as shown when Ike Davis got him last night.

On a day when Phil Hughes struggled, but didn't let the game get out of hand, the Yankees offense disappeared on him. The offense has been inconsistent at best all season and downright futile at times. This is one of those stretches and it couldn't come at a worst time since the Yankee starters and the bullpen, particularly Mariano Rivera, are showing that they are human. Most of the time great pitching will win a ton of games, but every once in a while, an offense needs to step up to claim victory and the Yankees seem incapable of that right now. Very frustrating.

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